Nurture diversity and cohesion for thriving communities – Katerina Varella about the Project Mikros Dounias in Greece

Short summary:

The Project K. is about providing good ecucation for local and refugee children on the isle of Lesbos, while at the same time connecting the children and families, to help them know each other better. Financial funding is being secured through a communal approach, trying to utilise the local resources and voluntary helpers. Combining this local with an international approach, supporter networks have been providing monthly donations, with one assosiciation founded in norway to support the funding. Through to differenciating ideologies cooperating with government and local municipalities is hard to impossible, which lead to the project having to relocate after getting evicted.

“We would love to have the authorities supporting what we do. And we hope that it will be something in the future. So, that other people are inspired and we are inspired and that everyone is welcome“

Katerina Varella
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