Work with waste as a valuable resource – Nara Petrovič about the Project “Let’s do it. More clean up days” in Slovenia

Short summary:

The project “Let´s do it. More clean up days” is an international project, focussed around mobilizing all layers of society. Using bottom-up processes it is about communicating the need to reduce waste to politicians, schools, highschools, kindergartens without „pointing fingers“ at their behaviour. The project is not related to any particular political party, while at the same time trying to get as many politicians and officials involved. Media communication and education work through either directs meetings, workshops or international conferences are key factors. The project had great succes in Slovenia which had a big signalling effect throughout the world.

“I thought there is so much to be done in this world and I am just one person. So we need to engage the society and we talked with as many people as we could, we had 99% media outreach. And a few month later we had 13,5% of the population going out and picking trash for five hours”

Nara Petrovič
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