Enrich life and celebration – Macaco Tamerice about the Project Damahur in Italy

Short summary:

The project of Damanhur has a big underground temple which is the spiritual center of the community, where Macaco lives. The temple was build by the entire community, the community has a spiritual focus and is one of the biggest communities in Italy. They are collaborating very well with the local authorities and have a lot of experiences with social enterprises. The community receives many visitors every year and makes their living also a bit from these visitors.

“It was important for us, not only to come into the ministry parliaments. Since none of us was born at this place. So we linked the traditions of the place and created something that could be shown as a museum. So schools came and see how it worked here. So we managed a good cooperation with the local ministry.”

Macaco Tamerice

Soon the interview will be available as a podcast!

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