Increase biodiversity and restore ecosystems – Ashley Brown about the Ecosystem Restoration Camps Foundation in the Netherlands

Short Summary:

Reservation System Camp is a network or global movement of individuals persons and organizations around the world that are working to restore ecosystms. A lot of the land around the world is degraded in some way by human activities. This causes a whole lot of problems to wild life, climate change, degradation of soils, health, etc. As a response to that, Reservation System Camp gives everyday people the opportunities to take action and help restore ecosystems around the world. Their main aim is to have camps in cities at some point or to take sustainable cities back. By practicing responsible consume at the camps, they give visiting people the opportunity to see what sustainable communities look like. They also aim and are helping to support the transition out poverty by providing education, increasing food security and well-being of the people around the camps and who goes to them. The camps are recharging eco field and bringing back streams.

“We are a four year old foundation registriation in the Netherlands and we are currently working with 23 partners who are each giving people the opportunities to restore and habitability the ecosystem around the world

Ashley Brown
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