Enabling all to engage in lifelong learning for a sustainable future – Rüdiger Bachmann and Kira Petersen about the School in Schloss Tempelhof in Germany

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Kira and Rüdiger both live in the ecovillage Schloss Tempelhof in Germany, an intentional community and site for experimentation with novel and future-oriented modes of living, working and learning. The interview focuses on Schloss Tempelhof’s own school, which is build on alternative pedagogical principals inspired by Maria Montessori. The aim of the school is to support children in their development as autonomously thinking and acting persons that are well-equipped to deal with global challenges of the 21st century. The pupils’ perspectives are taken seriously, they are involved in the schools’ decision-making processes, which ensures participation but also allows them to take responsibility as part of a holistic learning experience and personality development. Today, the school also hosts pupils from the surrounding villages and even attracted young families to move to the region, which is regarded as a great merit by the mayor.

“I think the mayor understood what it means for this region when young families come if there is a school. When there is a change of wind.”

Rüdiger Bachmann
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