Reconnect to nature and embrace low-impact lifestyles – Svetoyara Caciurenco about the Project Busha Toloka in the Ukraine

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Svetoryara, is a leader of the ecovillage Busha Toloka ecovillage in the southwest Ukraine. The ecovillage is part Green Road and GEN Ukraine. Now because of the war GEN Ukraine created a refugees support project called “Green Refugee”. The porpose is to offer refugees a safe place to stay, where they can build a new life with purpose. Due to the war bombing most refugees dont have a house to come back to their places so they are staying in small houses. But most of them dont have heating and water. Therefore, Svetoryara and her active ecovillage gruop want to build a big house to be finish before winter starts for at least 100 people. This house/building will have heating, water and panels so it is a eco-project. It is also thought to be a common space for poeple to stay after war so they want to add a rehabilitation center as there are many psychologists in the region that can help.

We just want to keep this place safe and to give these people some opportunity to have not only a house but also home. And not only home but also a new aim, a new goal, what they can live for. They can create a new life with us, with some eco-vision, with some caring about nature and caring about each other.

Svetoyara Caciurenco
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