Nuture mindfulness and self-reflection – René Hirschi about the Project Herzfeld Sennrüti in Switzerland

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René Hirschi is a co-founder of the Herzfeld Sennrüti project 14 years ago. Today they are 83 people living there on a one thousand square meters land. Interestingly since the beginning the number of adults equals that of children. So, a particular organisation has to always be put in place for how the children participate and integrate. Another particularity of the project is how they have accomplished good integration in the area through having professional positions outside of the ecovillage itself. They generally believe a lot in the power of personal relationships. They place just as much, if not more, emphasis on the social part as they do on the ecological part. And so they pay a lot of attention to their decision making process that is a sociocratic on the direction of holographic, meaning that once a decision has been reached, it is always checked against their general vision. A very speacial thing of their mentality is their view on conflicts as something vital and productive that leads to deeper relationships. For example, even after having had a court dispute with the municipality, they are still on amicable terms with them.

“Conflict is something good because it brings growth to the ecovillage and also it brings people more into relationship in deeper and deeper and deeper and deeper levels. Through every conflict we go, we meet each other after the conflict again in a new togetherness.”

René Hirschi
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