Identify assets, needs and leverage points – Christiano Bottone about the Project MIT in Italy

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Christiano is in the core team of the project Municipalities in Action (MIT) which is an italian organization that works on the local level to support transition initiatives to bring their contents into the municipalities. MIT works on a deep transforming level in order to bring another way of making decissions into the local parliaments. Beside other tools and techniques, MIT is working with Sociocracy 3.0 and a skilled facilitator that is training the collaboration and communication skills on the local level. With these communication methods MIT is not only transforming the local culture but it is also integrating transformative ideas into the local governments and changes the culture into a more participatory and less power oriented one.

We had this strange possibility to work all together and then we started discovering how difficult it was even with the power of the local municipalities, how all the interaction between what you want to do and the legal system, the market system, how all this is so difficult. So we spent a lot of years doing experiment trying to see how we could really plan together, be strategic and do both things together. And we learnt a lot during this trip.

Christiano Bottone
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