Grow seeds, food and soil through regenerative agriculture – Ali and Inci Goodmann about the Project Knidia in Turkey

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Ali and Inci Goodmann worked as an university. Both chemists are now retired. With their background, they know the risks and threats of toxics substances for the health. Knidia is an environment cooperative. It is the main propose for a link between rural communities and cities. The community supported agriculture avoid the use of harmful chemicals. They helped their neighbors and farmers to get the source to do organic farming which mean they are able to sell the products for a higher prices on the market. Farmers earn very little in the end and the price will be multiplied two or three times for the consumer. One issue is that even if you grow healthy and efficient foods, you can´t sell it for a proper price. Also at the university there is a small farm and a garden where students can come and grow vegertables.

“Through the ministry parliamentary that is willing to cooperate with us. We will have contact with the greater region.”

Ali Goodmann

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