Adapt solutions to scale and context – Duncan Crowly about the Project Transition Town in Lisbon/Portugal

Short summary:

Duncan has been doing urban activism for years in diferent contries. He is interested in how we can learn from ideas from communities, ecovillages, and another more radical communities. Then bring that learning to the urban realm, specifically, and to really find out how better can we engage normal citizens to then become involved in the transformation of their local communities. He is currently involved in the (Urbana?) project with with ECOLISE. Urbana was a three-year academic project for horizon 2020 to explore sustainable and just cities, and now it continues onto stage two from funding from the Bosch foundation. They are aiming to developed a community of practice, offering a process of space for everybody to participate, to help shape things, to mutually support each other to work translocally.

“We need to bring the learning that is out there especially from the ecovillages and maybe some of the radical communities that exist, bring that learning and wisdom and knowledge and lessons learnt and start to try to apply it to the more complex level which is this modern world, in the cities, were normal people live with their everyday normal problems and challenges”

Duncan Crowly
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