Session 7: Visions for the Future (20 April)

Integrating Ecology and Technology

Aims and objectives of the module:

  • Encouraging educators to create a space where ecological learning and technology work harmoniously together;
  • Exploring our personal perspective and relationship to technology, nature and our collective future.

This session aims to create awareness around the interrelatedness of the evolution of technology and ecological concerns. We will explore what we mean when we speak about technology, the perceptions we hold about the future and collectively reimagine and envision which benefits we can harvest when ecology and technology work in harmony.

Facilitated by Margarita Hamatsu, Kindergarten Teacher at Alfheimar Green preschool located in Iceland and a co-founder of Regenerative Education Adventures for Students Iceland.

Of Filipino-Japanese decent, residing in Iceland, Margarita is an advocate of sustainable and regenerative education and an active creator of projects and workshops which focus on regenerative education that serves public school teachers, youth, and young children.

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