Session 3: Inner Regeneration (16 March)

Developing and nurturing self-awareness for educators

Aims and objectives of the module:

  • Orienting to a regenerative educational design that begins with the self and ripples outward;
  • Cultivating one’s inner landscape by practicing self-care, engaging in self-reflection and fostering a sense of the sacred.

Educators often have the impulse to do something to or for their learners. Without starting from ourselves and our own personhood, these actions will always fall short. A regenerative perspective shows us that to truly thrive, we must live in accordance with Life itself. What does it mean to lead a regenerative life? What do I orient around? How do I take care of Life in myself? What does that look like?

Facilitated by H. Leopold, educator, curriculum designer, and cultural design program facilitator at Springhouse, a school located in rural Appalachia in the southeast U.S.

H is a queer, gender-noncomforming educator, committed to creating educational designs that are truly responsive and regenerative.

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