Session 2: Re-Imaginign Education (9 March)

Exploring our perceptions and conditioning around schooling and learning.

Aims and objectives of the module:

  • Encouraging an awareness of how our educational institutions shape and impact the way we learn
  • Inspiring diverse imaginations of how learning happens and supporting community practice of reimagining education

To understand the current architecture of today’s schooling system we look to its history, to the where, why and how it came to be. Here we gain powerful insights into our personal concepts of what education and learning is. To reclaim what learning is and how it shows up for ourselves and our young people we work with the tools of Deschooling and Mindfulness. These tools paired with an opening up to the limitless multitude of ways learning happens grows our awareness and leads us to ask if our education practice is degenerative or regenerative? In the chaos and cracks of the Anthropocene are gifts and with this process of UNlearning we get to look inwards and forwards at ways of Reimagining Education and how we, as educators, show up.

Factilitated by Lauriane Holme, member of Self-Directed Learning Center at Kuthumba Ecovillage in The Crags, South Africa.

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