Session 10: Learning by Doing, Project Based Learning (11 May)

How to develop meaningful learning processes

Aims and objectives of the module:

  • Demonstrating and practicing new ways to develop the learning process by engaging and involving students;
  • Exploring and developing dialogical, democratic, regenerative activities and tools along the learning process.

This session aims to support regenerative educators to find out how to prepare meaningful learning processes for students and communities by changing one’s perspective on learning and teaching. Instead of just delivering content, how can educators learn alongside students and help them to find, gather and organise information about topics they genuinely care for? We will explore how project-based learning can catalyze personal development, community building and the regeneration of our planet.

Facilitated by Karina Clark of Inkiri School at Piracanga Ecovillage in Brazil.

Karina is the school principal of Inkiri School and has worked as a teacher for more than 9 years. She has found that her passion for education has only grown with every year. Her research and practice focuses on spiritual, community and ecological based learning. She has dedicated her career to developing a unique pedagogical approach with a group of different educators.

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