Session 5: Community Building and Artful Participation (6 April)

Self-Government, Communication and Collaboration

Aims and objectives of the module:

  • Connecting with our body, our emotions and actions as the foundation for self-governance, communication and collaboration;
  • Getting to know community building tools and exploring how to build a vision and connect with others to activate collective creativity.

Participants will expand their vocabulary and awareness of their internal states to identify the share humanity with others and track the messages of the life forces within. Participants will recognize the abundance of life present when we differentiate our needs from our strategies. Recognize the different levels of needs present in a system and how to align oneself with each of them. This internal process of Self responsibility, connected to the tools for collective collaboration, will allow community projects to thrive.

Facilitated by Yuluka Kankura and Camila Olarte from Uba Qynza at Aldea Feliz Ecovillage in Colombia.

Yuluka is a facilitator and trainer in Sociocracy. She has supported the expansion of horizontal governance spaces in organizations and networks. Facilitator of the RenaSer, a learning space in the awareness of the Being through reflection, movement, singing and language.

Camila is the co-funder of Uba Qynza, the community school in Aldeafeliz. She has been involved with the exploration and integration of social technologies within her community and helping other communities consolidate their social dimension and school projects.

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