Session 6: Grounding and Reconnecting with Culture (13 April)

Reconnecting education with nature, culture and our story

Aims and objectives of the module:

  • Reflecting and telling our own story of how we got where we are now;
  • Connecting to the cultural heritage that we inherited and reconstructing an awareness of the natural heritage that was bestowed to our community.

This session is about history: the stories that we’ve been told and the stories we tell about ourselves. We will explore the stories of our communities, embedded in our cultural heritage – cultural practices that kept us connected and that protected our environment. The aim of this session is to share and explore our personal experiences and cultivate a deeper awareness of the cultural context and the the natural environment that we are part of in our local communities.

Facilitated by Mugove Nyika of ReSCOPE in Zambia.

Mugove is a natural farmer, sustainability practitioner and community development facilitator focused on building resilience and food sovereignty in African communities. Over the last three decades he has contributed as a key player in SCOPE/ReSCOPE to the development of the Integrated Land-Use Design (ILUD) process as a tool for inclusive and participatory whole school land design and community engagement

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