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Macaco Tamerice

Lead Facilitator

Macaco (Martina Grosse Burlage) is a sociologist, a life coach, and expert in human processes specialised in community-building, inner transformation, leadership and conflict resolution. In her life she researched with passion how to regenerate our planet and human systems.

Macaco has been living at Damanhur, Federation of Communities since 1993, where she has held many roles of artistic and social responsibilities, also the top  leadership positions in the community. 

In 2008, she became Vice President and in 2009 President of the Global Ecovillage Network-Europe (GEN Europe) until 2015.

She is one of GEN’s United Nations representatives and the President of the NGO Damanhur Education.

Macaco is a multilingual international speaker, facilitator of many courses and seminars, has organized and taught 11 EDEs at Damanhur and in Gambia.

Trained in music and voice, she has toured as a professional jazz singer in Europe, Canada and Japan for over twenty years and has taught voice and led seminars since 1984.

An advocate for sustainability, she lives in a straw bale house that she built together with her husband, a Peruvian architect.

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Good morning. How Is possibile meet in call with you? Thanks a lot 🙏

Abbie (Administrator) March 3, 2023 at 10:25 am

Hi Fabrizio, are you interested in the course or in connecting with Macaco for something else?

I want to sing with you:D

Thank you for taking us on your journey of radiant experiences . It is very reassuring to learn from you and your connect to your beautiful soul.

Hello Macaco, I am so glad i can join this online EDE course, just to be here represents to overcome a series of challenges but gladly i found the support of many people in different levels. I want to thank you for the kindness and clarity you managed my application. Looking forward to meet you and learn from you all.

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