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Will there be an opportunity for an immersive experience in an ecovillage?

Ideally, yes.

Depending on the COVID regulations (for international travel as well as within the communities) we hope to open up immersive weeks for all online EDE participants in Damanhur, Italy and Inkiri Piracanga in Brazil. We are in conversation about when these would be available – so reach out to Taisa and Macaco at [email protected] for more information.

There *may* be opportunities for other ecovillages in other regions and you can enquire depending on your location, again, with dates pending.

There will be additional costs for food and accommodation which will go directly to the hosting community.

These are not necessary for the EDE certificate, though if you are able to participate, of course they help to deeply enhance the learning experience. We can also warmly recommend other communities for you to visit and deepen your learning when travel opens up again. This is part of lifelong learning so whenever the opportunity arises will be the ‘right’ time.

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Is date of August 2021 valid? we are in 2022

Abbie (Administrator) March 26, 2022 at 8:52 am

Good catch, Bernard. That was indeed from last year. We haven’t confirmed dates this year yet. I’ve updated it above so you can reach out to Taisa and Macaco directly if this is of interest to you. We may also be able to coordinate immersion experiences closer to you if that makes it easier.

Time is passing so fast in this inspiring course and I truly wish to be able to join the immersive experience in Damanhur. How are the signs? Will it be possible? Do you have tentative dates already? … I am having a bit of a pressure from work to plan my leave. Hoping it will work out.

Abbie (Administrator) June 11, 2021 at 9:40 am

Beautiful to read you’re inspired to be more immersed, Anett! I’ve shared your question with Macaco, and will get back to you when there is more info.

I doubt Australians will be travelling so would we be able to organise an immersive experience in one of our ecovillages with one of our EDE trainers here and/or in NZ?

Hey, I just noticed this and I am in New Zealand on the north Island. I was wondering about coming to Oz and visiting Narara Ecovillage near Gosford or maybe Crystal Waters in Queensland. There’s also Earthsong here in NZ but is more of an urban cohousing. I’d love to visit Damanhur one day but don’t see myself getting to Italy anytime soon. Let me know if you have any plans to visit an ecovillage after the course finishes and maybe we can travel there together.

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