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Is there the possibility of translation into other languages within the EDE Course?

As this is the first offering of its kind, we have not yet plugged in different language options. So the short answer is that unfortunately we are not able to accommodate those who are not comfortable in English.

However, there are ways to create subtitles on the recordings if you would like to share with your extended community and we very much welcome volunteers who would like to translate the course material for future offerings.

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On this topic, I would very much like to volunteer my help for translation to French. I am French-born and spent most of my adult life (over 10 years) in the UK, so I speak both languages fluently and write very well in both, though somehow my French and English brains are not quite plugged into each other yet. And so I would love an opportunity to learn the job of translator as it could also be hugely beneficial for me to learn to bring the EDE content to the French people.

Abbie (Administrator) April 23, 2021 at 2:57 pm

This would be great. Thanks so much Sarah!
I don’t think it will be possible for this round, but we can certainly engage your support for future offerings!

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