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Anna Kovasna

Trainer for the Economic Dimension

Anna Kovasna is the Director of Research and Education at the Global Ecovillage Network International, as well as the Lead Link of the organisation’s Coordination Circle and several funded projects. As such, she oversees the development of online and face-to-face curricula, learning materials and learning environments for community-led education for regenerative development, and is the founder of the GEN Online Academy. She is a co-developer, facilitator and consultant of the Ecovillage Impact Assessment, European Ecovillage Incubator CLIPS, Ecovillage Design Cards, and the Global Ecovillage Network Training of Trainers, Regenerative Design, and Entrepreneurship courses. She has extensive practical experience of facilitation, education, research and community development in a variety of settings.

Anna previously taught Social Anthropology at Lund University, Sweden, and did postgraduate research on localisation and community building as tools for social change. She is an alumnus of the Stockholm Resilience Centre LEAP programme for leadership, entrepreneurship and systems change and a Trustee of Transition Network, a global network for grassroots urban regeneration.

Originally from Sweden, Anna lives in the Findhorn Ecovillage in Scotland, where she currently serves as the co-focaliser of the community’s Coordination Circle. Beyond Findhorn, she has visited, worked with, or taught in more than 50 ecovillages on 4 continents. Some of the things that make her feel particularly alive are dancing, hiking, designing for autonomy and solidarity, cocreating with peers, and swimming in wild seas and rivers.

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I am reading step by step and really looking forward to meet all trainers in an exciting mood! 🙂

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