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To earn the certificate, we need 90% attendance. If we have a scheduling conflict and need to miss a session, can we get the info or make up the time?

Generally, yes.

While we strongly encourage you to attend the live sessions if you can, we also understand that we are welcoming a global audience and the times offered are not conducive for everyone. Specifically those on the West Coast of the Americas (Pacific Daylight Time) it is very early! And for those in Asia, Oceania, Australia, & New Zealand, it is very late! In those cases, we will accommodate groups accordingly and Macaco will meet with groups at another time. 

For those who simply have other life commitments, we also understand! All presentations from guest facilitators will be recorded and you will have unlimited access to view them. However, to gain the certificate, we would like to know you ‘attended’ 90% of the programme. So simply get in touch and we will come up with a solution together.

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