What is the course structure?

The course is made up of 5 dimensions of regeneration (social, culture, ecology, economic, whole systems design). Each dimension runs for 4 weeks followed by a one week break. 

The dimension flow looks like this:

The module starts with a live session in which you will learn from an expert who has rich experience in the field related to the dimension. You will also have access to pre-recorded videos of sharing from other practitioners in the field, these are available on the learning platform for you to study at your own pace. The community live session will be hosted on week 3 – this is the space for sharing insights, learnings and questions, as well as to connect participants and build an active learning community. With the fully-facilitated access, you will receive 2 coaching calls from our mentors during the course of the program (otherwise, the coaching call can be booked with extra payment).

We provide further materials for download as well as references and links to the regeneration topics for you to go as deep as you want in your journey. Additionally, we provide a community platform for you to connect with other students, ask questions and share your interactive learning journey.

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