What are the live programme dates?

We are running the live course once per year, these are the dates and times for 2022: 

Expert speaker
live session
Community live
Action learnings
completed by
Social25 Apr 202230 Apr 202214 May 202213 May 2022
Cultural30 May 20224 Jun 202218 Jun 202217 Jun 2022
Ecology04 Jul 20229 Jul 202223 Jul 202222 Jul 2022
Economic08 Aug 202213 Aug 202227 Aug 202226 Aug 2022
Whole systems12 Sep 202217 Sep 20221 Oct 202209 Oct 2022

The closing celebration for the 2022 course will be held on October 22nd 2022. You can add REGEN-Nations calendar to your Google calendar via this link.

Live sessions are held on Saturdays at 13:00 – 15:00 Indochina Time (ICT). Find your local time here.

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