I want to take the course but I can’t afford it.

REGEN-Nations is run on a shoestring, most of our team are volunteers! At the moment, we do not have a budget to provide scholarships, but we are working on it! You can support by sharing our fundraising campaign

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If you register before Jan 31st 2022, you will get the early bird price of £525 instead of £585  for the fully-facilitated access – simply apply the code regenearlybird2022 at your checkout. We also offer a wide range of access to suit your commitment, availability and affordability (please see details here). In addition you can choose to pay in installments instead of all-at-once (read more here).

We encourage you to raise funds yourself from donors, grants, philanthropy or crowdfunding; and provide these materials to help you do this: a course deck and invitation letter if needed.