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Taisa Mattos

Lead Facilitator

GEN Education and Research Coordinator, is an experienced Gaia Education certified trainer. She has coordinated and taught Ecovillage Design Education Programmes since 2009, having contributed to 27 programmes so far, all over Brazil, also in Portugal, Argentina, Mozambique and online. Taisa works as an international trainer and consultant in the fields of sustainability, social innovations and community life. 

Ecovillage researcher and Board member of the International Communal Studies Association (ICSA), Taisa is the author of the book Ecovillages: building a regenerative culture. She holds a masters degree in Communities and Social Ecology.

Lead author of the GEN Regenerative Urban Communities Manual and Project Coordinator of the Ecovillage Transition in Action project, an Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership project on collaboration between community-led initiatives and local authorities for regional sustainability.

Taisa has contributed to transition initiatives both in urban and rural areas, being the co-founder of Terra Una Ecovillage (Brazil) and other small urban communities in Rio. She has been actively engaged with the Ecovillage Movement since 2004. 

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Hello Taisa,
I am glad to be able to connect with you and to learn and know more about the Ecovillage concept.
I’ll be happy to meet with you virtually and please, give me a shout whenever you perchance visit Ghana. Cheers!!!

Congratulations Taisa! You were always beaming with potential!

The hapiness that you radiate through your smile and your eyes is beautiful

Eagerly waiting to virtual meet my facilitator

Thank you for facilitating with a such a light hearted energy.

Hello Taisa, I am so glad i can join this online EDE course, just to be here represents to overcome a series of challenges but gladly i found the support of many people in different levels. I want to thank you for the kindness and clarity you managed my application. Looking forward to meet you and learn from you all.

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