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What are the themes and starting dates of the different units?

13/11/2021 Introductory Welcome Unit.

20/11/2021 How to live with the Principles of Permaculture

27/11/2021 How to Start a Permaculture Design

04/12/2021 Understanding Climate and Patterns in Nature

11/12/2021 Design for human comfort and landscape regeneration

18/12/2021 How to Design Value With Water

27/12/2021 How to make soil and create PERMACULTURE gardens

01/01/2022 How to build Permaculture food forests

08/01/2022 Bioconstruction – How to design and build natural homes with appropriate technology

15/01/2022 Strategies for bioregional self-reliance

22/01/2022 Design Disaster risk reduction and management

29/01/2022 Design an integrated Permaculture System – Final design presentations

After the starting date you can come back to every unit anytime.