What is the time commitment for the course and how to plan the study?

This course involves the 72 hours of active learning required for you to gain your Permaculture Design Certificate. Expect to spend a total of approximately 7 hours per week, divided into 3 hours of interactive live video classes, 1 hour live Q&A, and 3 – 4 hours of self-paced study to integrate and apply what you learn.

Generally you can explore the course in every way you can and you will definitely receive enough materials from us to study for a minimum of 72 hours throughout the 12 weeks of the course. The course content (lessons) itself on our online learning platform become available in a chronological sequence to help with your learning. If a lesson is not yet available, it will be on the date of the start of the unit.

To plan your study, we will ask you took at the schedule of live classes to check with your timezone
and match it with your weekly study plan. Can you be present on two live Classes every week? Great!
If you can’t be present on both, don’t worry. Decide when you will watch he recordings and how it fits best in your schedule and add a reminder in your agenda. We will send reminders to all lives with the zoom link by e-mail.

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